Dealing with FBI virus safely

FBI virus is a malicious ransom-ware that sneaks into PCs through Trojan.LockScreen.  This is a tricky virus as it creeps into system undetected without knowledge of the user.  This ransom-ware bears a fake representation from Federal Bureau of Investigation and alerts users for Copyright and other related rights violation, or watching, downloading and distributing pornographic contents by the user.  This alert asks users to make payment to avoid further legal actions from the FBI, which is completely fake and its sole objective is to rob money from users.  Scammers around the world use this virus to make money by creating panic and disturbance among users.

This virus moves undetected into system through malicious or hijacked websites.  It generally targets system, which are configured with mild security updates. This virus has various versions, which can attack your PCs. 

 FBI Moneypak attack

This ransom-ware alerts users for illegal use of pornographic content, violation in copyright laws by illegal distribution or for any other illegal activities.  And as token of fine, users are asked to make a payment of $100 to avoid legal procedures against them.  If this threat hits your system, it will lock down it completely. 

FBI virus Black screen attack

This virus is also a member of FBI virus group.  This virus plays audio warning followed by showing a black screen and consequently resulting in system lock down.  This virus asks for payment of $200 for violation of copyright laws, viewing/distributing zoophilia or child pornography contents.

FBI Online agent attack

This virus misleads users on grounds of committing crimes and demand payment of $200 for avoiding action against them.  Recently scammers have designed an alert, which accuses users of spreading terrorism through online channel.

FBI Cybercrime division virus attack

This virus pretends its representation from Cybercrime division of FBI and asks for payment of $300 for similar charges against the user.  This is controlled by Moneypak prepayment system and recently scammers have added various logos of FBI to make their threats real.

These are few dangerous virus attacks from the FBI virus family.  If, ever you see any kind of alerts or threats on behalf of FBI accusing you of illegal activities and levying a fine against you, be sure that it is a virus attack from scammers.  You can call Isupport365, world’s leading remote virus removal service for your assistance.  Technicians of Isupport365 have deciphered the code of FBI virus attack and have delivered 100% solutions to victim of FBI virus.  Call 1 800 833 0089